Dhruv Track Premium

Dhruv-Track Premium

It is designed to monitor a large fleet efficiently.

Dhruv Track fleet management solution designed for fleet owners and managers with a personalized dashboard, Alerts and advanced reporting.

Features such as Vehicle Daily Status (VDS), vehicle Document management, Driver management and Trip Management makes system perfectly suitable for large and small fleet owners.

It is designed to monitor a large fleet.
SOS alarm button.
Internal antennas and battery backup in case of driver tampering or theft.
Never miss vehicle renewals, PUC certificates, insurance renewals.
Tracks real-time vehicle location and speed 24/7.
Driver authentication and identification feature.
Mark locations to easily identify places.
Easily monitors not performing vehicles.
Share vehicle details with clients via auto Email and vehicle location sharing.
Gives alert via SMS and Email on power tampering to a device, over-speed, night driving, and destination reaching.
Easily integrate with other software via API'S.
VDS entry to manage the daily status of vehicles.