Dhruv Track Temperature

Temperature monitoring system

Dhruv -Track provides temperature monitoring system which will provide assistance for tracking the temperature of cold storage vehicle so that the one goods reaches their destination in good conditions while maintaining the temperature. Monitors Temperature of your warehouses and also, we will you get notified in case of power outages, immediately.

Real-time alerts if the temperature drops/rises above a certain threshold.
Easily integrated with the analog port of our GPS devices.
Can be used to remotely switch on and off refrigerated vans.
Multiple sensors can be integrated to ensure that the temperature is below the prescribed threshold throughout the container.
Dhruv-Track cutting-edge cold chain monitoring solutions guarantee your temperature sensitive products reach the customer in optimal conditions.
It's robust hardware and cloud-based software lets customers reach temperature and other sensor data easily via web and mobile apps.
Complex alarm scenarios can be built easily using the advance alarm module violations are reported by emails, SMS.
Monitors Temperature of your warehouses and get notified in case of power outages immediately.
GPS and temperature tracker with magnetic mount provides more than 1-month battery life in a single charge.
Using our refrigerator tracking device you can track temperature, refrigerator door status and GPS position even in point of sale.
Using autonomous GPS and temperature tracker with magnetic mount you can track your subcontractor's vehicles and other vehicles where installation is not possible.
It is specially designed for reefer vehicles and warehouse monitoring.
You can monitor the temperature, door status, GPS position, and Speed.
Real-time temperature monitoring with programmable time intervals.
Alert when the temperature goes out of range or power cut via SMS and Email.
Instant temperature updates.
Reduce temperature-related Loss Claims.
Digital temperature sensor to monitor the temperature.
Accurate information on the temperature of goods.
Alert in case the cargo door is opened.
Minute by minute temperature history during complete travel time.

ISO 9001:2015

  • Designed as per pharma transportation requirements
  • Government approved sensors
  • CFR21 Complaint