Dhruv – fuel Sensor

Dhruv - fuel Sensor

provides you with precise fuel measurements and customized reports on fuel levels and fuels events, so you can detect anomalies and eliminate fuel theft. Accuracy 99%, and data-rich statistics and extensive reports for a cost control strategy.

Quotations are fully user customizable, which allows you to create and manage your shipments quotation the way that works best for you. Quotations are based on the Full Container Load (FCL) or Less Container Load (LCL) and also freight transportation mode – Air or Sea. LCL allows multiple shipments to be consolidated onto the same air or sea carrier and also allows Multi-stop Shipment Support for multiple pickup and/or delivery locations. Can specify which pieces belong to a stop. Customer may receive the quotation either by hard copy or through email. After the customer’s confirmation, Quotation will be forwarded to operational Department. This will be automatically accounted to sales person who has done it.

Shipment Booking allows you to enter shipment information directly or through confirmed Quotation. After booking the shipment you can view or print the Draft B/L and House B/L.

Pre Alert allows you to quickly create and send Shipping Advice to Delivery Agent, Consignee and Shipper either by hard copy or through email.

POD Entries allows you to enter shipment’s day to day information. This entry will be more useful while tracking the particular shipment.

Shipment Management Lists are fully user customizable you to manage your shipments the way that works best for you.

Sales & Station Commission Calculation allows you to associate a sales commission with the various service types for each Salesperson.

Accounting System It saves you time, reduce data entry errors and allow your business to run more efficiently. Apart from this it has dual currency option and accounting concepts which allows like Payments, Receipts, Sales, Purchases, Contra Entries, Journals, Debit Notes, Credit Notes. These entries lead you to see the Reports such as Cash Book, Bank Book, Ledgers, Trial Balance, Profit & Loss and Balance Sheet.

Advanced Reporting allows viewing key shipment information based on user selectable parameters such as: date range, status, service type, etc. Also allows grouping by Station, Salesperson, Customer HTML roll up allows the same report to display summary or detailed information.

Advanced Security ensures that your information is safe and protected.